Up for bid at the Spring Aire Social

Airedale Puppy Love

What a basket of love to have for your house.  This basket has many stuffed Airedales that we all know: Truman, Whiskers, Tuffy, LuLu, Webkinz, Magic and a few others.  This basket was made possible by many Donors

Airedale Stain Glass

What an awesome design of the artist, to show the many different Airedales that come walking through Rescue.  This is a wonderful way for you to help support all of these Airedales by bidding on this great piece. This Beautiful Stain Glass is 18” long and 9 1/2 “ high.   Donated and made by Jeni McAllister

Airedale Dentist Collectible

 From the famous British artist, Robert Harrop, comes this unique Airedale statue.   It was first made available in 1993 and retired from production in 1997. The detail of this piece is remarkable.  The label on the bottom says it is made in Shropshire, England.  This unique collectible is a great find right here at our SAS Auction.  This piece is 6 1/4 " tall and donated by Patty Eisenbraun